Conservation Easements

The new law requiring notice and copies to Buyers of Conservation Easements is in effect.  Real estate agents need to be informed so they can inform their Sellers about Conservation Easements: what they are, what they look like, and how to determine if your property has them.
You need to know your potential liability if your transaction is cancelled by a Buyer due to your Seller’s failure to follow this law.  We can show you how to protect your clients.

I'm offering you and your office a free Conservation Easement Seminar to help protect you and your clients from any possible issues that may arise in these transactions. The seminar will last about an hour and I'll even bring the donuts and coffee.

Conservation Easement PowerPoint

Charles County 2007 Protected Lands Map

A. Monshower CYA Notice

Conservation Easement Statute

Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation District Agreement

Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Trust Foundation Easement

Maryland Environmental Trust

Maryland Historical Trust

Rural Legacy Easement

TDR Easement Docs

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