Is your title company hiding from you?

I hear it time after time. Whenever I ask real estate agents and mortgage lenders what their biggest frustration is with title companies the answer is - “calling me back quickly”. Communication is a major problem for title customers.

At Southern Maryland Title we understand how important communication, accessibility and response time is to our customers. Your settlement is critically important. Your time is critically important. Your questions must be answered and your concerns need to be addressed. When you call we know you need to receive your answer right away.

That’s why we guarantee we will answer right away, or if you have to leave a message we will call you back in 30 minutes or less during normal business hours (9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday). If you call after business hours, we guarantee to call you back by 9:30am the next business day. If we fail to get back to you in 30 minutes or less - lunch is on us. That’s our commitment to you.

So give us a try - send us a deal. See how much better it is to work with a title company that puts their money where their mouth is. NO OTHER title company guarantees response time. At Southern Maryland Title you know you’ll get the person you need when you need them! Southern Maryland Title - the Communications Experts!

Conservation Easement Seminars - FREE at Your Office

The new law requiring notice and copies to Buyers of Conservation Easements is in effect. Real estate agents need to be informed so they can inform their Sellers about Conservation Easements: what they are, what they look like, and how to determine if your property has them.

You need to know your potential liability if your transaction is cancelled by a Buyer due to your Seller’s failure to follow this law. We can show you how to protect your clients.

I'm offering you and your office a free Conservation Easement Seminar to help protect you and your clients from any possible issues that may arise in these transactions. The seminar will last about an hour and I'll even bring the donuts and coffee.

Please call us today at (240) 349-2768 to schedule your free Conservation Easement Seminar in your office.

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